Justice programme in Nepal

The Nepalese Institute for Human Rights (CeF-Nepal) has for a number of years worked with education as a tool for capacity building on human rights and access to justice within and among justice sector institutions. CEF-Nepal works with justice sector institutions in Nepal but also in Nepal such as Chitwan, Rupandehi Banke Nepalgung any more...

The man education activities CEF-Nepal offers to promote competence in the justice sector are:

# Courses and othe learnign processes with the purpose of strenghtening the awareness and competences of justice sector instituitons on human rights and human rights compliance

# Courses and cooperation that strenghten the awareness and capacity of local, national or regional institutions to continuously develop competences among justice sector institutions.

# Competence developemtn efforts that enable justice sector actors to better contibute to the sector's strategic developement and to ensure that the work of the sector is in compliance with human rights. This incudes the ability of the justice sector to provide access to justice for all citizens.

CeF-Nepal works with law enforcement officianls and educators on poilce manual development and with various justice sector actors on the flow of justice concept.

CeF-Nepal supports cooperation among justice sector institutions in our project countries. This is done in connection with the Fow of Justisce concept and the objective of promoting human rights awareness, inculding the right to equal treatment and equal access sto justice sector institutions.

competence building implies logn term cooperation and involvement in a given context and with relevant partners. It also implies using a range of approaches to create significant and sustainable change in human rights compliance of justice sector institutions. In using education as a tool for competence buinding, CeF-Nepal aims to ensure that experiences are shared between Nepal and internaitonal projects, there by enriching and facilitating future cooperation.

CeF-Nepal conducts courses that have a strategic or action planning component and are linked to an overall strategic process in a given context. These courses provide the tools and support required for project partners to follow up and implement the lessons from the courses. This is, for instance, the case with the cooperation between CeF-Nepal and the Access to justice programme in Nepal organizes ourses and seminars for representatives form key stakholder institutions in the may justice sector.